Episode 6-Come join in the last hurrah

Episode 6-Come join in the last hurrah

This week we’re talking about something I see a lot of new runners put off…going to the specialty running store to get assessed and fitted for the right pair of running shoes.

We talk about what you can expect, things to keep in the back of your mind, and tips for your first trip in–and HOPEFULLY get your ass in the door!  You won’t regret it.


Here’s the NH stores I’m fond of and mention in the episode:



And NOT by any means the end-all-be-all national list, but a good place to start.  Search by your zip code.  Even if it’s not a location close to you, google search the store name to see if that’s actually the case.  IE: When I enter my zip, the only Runner’s Alley that pops up is in Manchester, when in actuality, they have 3 locations in NH!

Runner’s World Running Store Finder


This week, we add a some fuzzy rock bass to your running playlist:


Write to me guys–I want to hear all your questions, topics you want to hear about, general grievances, your running stories, stuff you liked, products you want to hear about, etc. etc.








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Thank you guys so much for listening–I can’t believe how many of you have downloaded already <3  Now, go run!