Episode 11-We rendezvous a quarter-two

Episode 11-We rendezvous a quarter-two

Hey all!  I did something a little different this week, that maybe I’ll take on for all my race recaps depending how it goes.

1) I waited until the day of the half-marathon to record–which totally gave me anxiety..but I wanted my recap to be as authentic and as fresh to my memory as humanly possible.  That said I still missed a few parts I wanted to mention–so if there are a few shitty jump cuts, sorry.  I’m sure I’ll think of more cool shit I missed and have to touch on it next week.

2) I breezed past a specific product mention today since we’re recapping a race.  That will be back in the original format next week.


So, the On The Run Half Marathon in Old Orchard Beach, ME!



A small race in it’s 2nd year in this seasonal town, with a pretty sweet pre-race food set-up of bagels, donuts, chocolate milk, coffee, water, bananas–I was pretty impressed.  But…the start line wasn’t at the site of registration and bib pick-up?  Okay-sure.

There were a few cons, for sure, if I had to pick out a few things–the start line thing, not a ton of communication before the race via email or social media, the finish line had cars coming in and out of the area which seemed like an oversight.  Also, the finish line pictures cease after like 2:12ish.  Really??? That was a bummer.

But all-in-all, easy to get to, flat (except for one minor uphill-which I’m barely complaining about, haha), good food set-up before and after, had a place to hang to stay warm (more important for family and friends if it had been particularly shitty out.  AND—FREE PHOTOS.  I mean, it took some communicating online to find them, but I did, and easily the most from any race. Yeah, the finish line pictures weren’t there for me–but oh, well.


See if you can find me in the starting photos….


Mile..like 7.5

Mile 13-finally focused and haulin’ that sweet ass…


TO  A FUCKING PR!   2:18!!! YES!! After 2 kids, I beat my pre-preggo time of 2:25 back in 2013… 6 months post-partum.  I will fucking take that everyday–I don’t even need water, it goes down that easily.

Again, listen to the episode for a better run down, these are the Cliff’s Notes version.


Don’t forget, ya’ll–our runner sister, Lindsey is doing the Out of the Darkness Overnight walk in June and is BUSTING ASS trying to raise money.  If you can, please head over to her page and donate to this very important cause.


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Thank you guys who sent me EVEN more songs this week.  Keep sending them!  I have stickers–and I’ll pop one in the mail if you do!  Who doesn’t want one of these!?

This week, however, mama is being a little selfish and throwing on an OLDIE, and absolute personal favorite for your running playlist:


Annnnnd because the acoustic version is so good, there you go:


Let me know what you thought about my race-recap episode, and other musings if you’ve got them:





Fuck it-I’m going running.
Episode 10-Every day is a battle I face

Episode 10-Every day is a battle I face

Hi guys,

This week we’re shooting the shit a little about my being a complete dumpster fire when it comes to doing anything with finesse… Crazy grandparents (not my folks or in-laws, I should preface) and really not knowing how do deal with children.

Then some running recaps for the week, and getting stoked for the On The Run Half Marathon in Old Orchard Beach next weekend.  Dudes, if you’re around, come on down!

This week topic is some VERY BASIC strength training: Why we should do it, when and how often, and what some experts on running say about strength.

Here are the three videos I mentioned in this weeks episodes to take a peek at:

C.Tolle Run-Strength for Runners


Mark Kennedy’s 7-Minute Strength for Runners



PopSugar Fitness Core for Runners


I feel like if you’re yet to incorporate strength training to your running, or just looking for a more streamlined regime to stick to, these videos are a great place to start.  Check them out, let me know what you think, or if you have your favorite videos to share.


Let’s not forget our March promotion with HeeBeeGeebs Granola! Click to email about ordering and getting $1 off a bag when you mention the Bad Case of the Runs Podcast!



My running product for the weekEatYourCoffee bars!


My favorite was easily the Salted Caramel Macchiato, followed by the Fudgy Mocha Latte.  The Peanut Butter Mocha one really wasn’t my jam, but if you like peanut butter and you dig coffee and the combo doesn’t sound too weird, give it a whirl.  That being said, the kick in the ass I got from these bars after about 20 minutes was well worth it, and I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the PB Mocha given the effects!   I DID NOT get the try the Toasted Coconut, but if I get the chance I’ll let you know.   Check out their Instagram feed, too.


Song for your running playlist:

Enjoy this fun, lovely, dreamy little diddy 🙂




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Fuck it–let’s go running!









Episode 9-Heavy as the setting sun

Episode 9-Heavy as the setting sun

Episode 9–holy crap, we’re really starting to build here!

This week we talk about THE SHITTY RUNS. Runs that crush the soul, and tips for moving past them.

Mention of the week: Lindsey’s fundraising walk for “The Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk”


Click the link and please donate what you can–it’s a great cause and we can really start to shed some real light on what, unfortunately, is still a taboo subject in today’s society!

Remember, if you’re in crisis CALL THE NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE 1-800-273 TALK (8225), or Text TALK to 741741


Also, don’t forget! Click the icon below to email an order!


Song for your running playlist this week submitted by Jada over @  The Anxious Vegan Runner Mom Podcast!




Keep your ideas/song/questions coming guys!

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Episode 8-Swing on the Spiral

Episode 8-Swing on the Spiral

Howdy ya’ll!

Episode 8–this week we talk quickly about the NYC Marathon stats, destroying hills, and the basics of stretching for your runs.

Dynamic Pre-Run Stretches

Dynamic Stretches by Polar

Dynamic Stretches by Runner’s World

Static Post Run Stretches

Static Post Run Static Stretches by Runner’s World


Annnnnd the Foam Rolling video I’m a fan of:


This week we review the amazing HerTribeAthletics’ Blue Tribal Capris–click below to go straight to the website to buy:


And the wonderful Hillary from HeeBeeGeebs has given you guys an offer of $1 off per bag of granola for the month of March!  Mention the Bad Case of the Runs Podcast when you message her to get the deal!  Seriously good, REAL, running fuel!  Click the HeeBeeGeebs logo to message her:


And lastly for the week–the song (Album 😉 ) for your Running Playlist:




Don’t forget–reach out to me! I want to hear all your questions, topics, concerns, songs, thoughts from you last bathroom epiphany.








Episode 7-Here I am, and in this city, with a fistful of dollars

Episode 7-Here I am, and in this city, with a fistful of dollars

Surprise!  A Wednesday late-night snack portion of Bad Case of the Runs.

I wonder what happened….




Song for your running playlist:




And, BABY, you better believe… 😉