Episode 12-Down Beside That Red Firelight

Episode 12-Down Beside That Red Firelight

This week we’re talking half-marathon recovery and the difference between now, older, post-kids and five years ago. What I did differently, and what you might be able to take from it; epiphanies I had and what I’m planning going forward.


One more look at me flying and focused at mile 13..for once…


We also talk interval training, how I’ve used it successfully in the past month (ish) and how it can seriously benefit any runner–beginner to advanced/elite.  Below are some articles/resources to get you started:



Interval workouts for beginners–or really if you’re not sure how to start incorporating them

Jeff Galloway–basically the King of Run/Walk/Run.

Run Walk Run

Running Way’s article on walking breaks during the run (aka Intervals)

RunnersConnect Beginning to Advanced guide on Intervals

The Run Experience Walking Breaks for Beginners

Let me know if you try some of these interval workouts–like I mention anyone from beginning to an advanced athlete can benefit from intervals depending on their use and pace, of course, but I think definitely worth a shot!  I, personally, am already reaping the benefits!  So fucking good!



Product o’ the week:

Pine Trail Woodworks out of New Hampshire made your main lady here an awesome, simple, custom running medal holder!  I am in love.  Check them out, and  message them on Facebook to see what they can hook you up with!

Song for your running playlist:

Fat Bottomed Girls-Queen, submitted by Utonah Ruiz from Tennessee!  Thank you!



Don’t forget guys, email me a song, , Instagram message, or Facebook message me–and I’ll send you off a sticker!  I’ve already sent out a large stack already–which is fucking amazing, and here’s Jada and James with theirs 🙂

Stickers, bitches!





Okay guys, ’til next week!  Happy April.



Fuck this. Let’s go running!



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