Episode 14-No Stopping at the Green Light

Episode 14-No Stopping at the Green Light

This we are talking about how old I am and how long it took my ass to recover from my Vegas work trip. Good lord.

We also talk about a really awful week of running, my head not being in it, and what the hell is going on with that.

Then we talk the Boston Marathon–today is Marathon Monday, so why not??  What my plans are for Beantown, and the amazing stats that make up some of the monstrosity (I mean that in the best way possible) that is THE Boston Marathon.

Resource: WalletHub

This week’s product that I honest don’t care for: KT Tape/kinesiology tape.

I don’t know–I looked up the videos and images, and I just did NOT see the benefits.  Maybe my injuries weren’t severe enough, but I still have half a roll of this stuff, and definitely don’t reach for it when I’m hurting.


Song for your running playlist:

Greta Van Fleet: Highway Tune, submitted by Heather W. of St. Charles, Missouri!  Thanks, Heather—you’re sticker is in the mail!!



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Alright guys, fuck it, I’m going running.





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