Episode 15-You wanna get loud-It’s your god damn right

Episode 15-You wanna get loud-It’s your god damn right

This week, we’re quickly circling back to the Boston Marathon, winners, thoughts, and my plan for it going forward.

Then, we talk about my first trail run–The Rescue Run for Marine Mammals out in gorgeous Rye, NH., and how underestimating myself allowed me to shoot myself square in the foot. Nonetheless, a new fold to my running world has opened up!  A couple of pictures from the race below–a great day for running and toddler fun-even if she was wearing her cranky-pants…

Violet getting her run on, muddy shoes, baby love 🙂

Aaaaaand the results:    30:16  OR 9:45/mile  And it soooo could have been better if I had gone up a wave. GOD DAMMIT! 9:45/mile is still respectable for my first romp through the forest–but still, I know it could have been so much faster. BAH!

*shakes fist*


That all said–I went home and did 3 more with this ham cheering me on..

Topic this week we’re talking about is running and weight loss, the very basics–and tips you can take away.  Suggestions for how to run, time, distance, and some nutrition. And a mini rant on not being sold on the weight loss diets/supplements/bullshit that’s out there.

A couple of resources I mention in the episode:

-HR Calculator

-H20 Calculator

Product of the Week: Crank Sports E-Gel

All things meh.


Song for your Running playlist, submitted by Alicia–J and the People “Bad Water”


Keep an ear out for me on Episode 561 of the Diz Runs podcast this week. We had a great conversation, and am pumped to have had the chance to sit down and talk with Denny!

When someone takes running pictures like this-they are obviously my friend. 😉


Remember guys, contact me—send me songs to feature, and I’ll send you the best sticker ever.


Love to all–fuck this. I’m going running.




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