Episode 17-Another mad charade

Episode 17-Another mad charade

Happy Monday, folks.

As usual, we run down the week of running–a solid 23 mile week… and cover a local NH random 5k I did on a Friday night!  It wasn’t an easy course by any means, but I so hope this smaller race gains some more momentum in years to come.  If you love hills, the Angel 5k has one “question the meaning of life” type of hills right in the middle of it.


No, I did not PR…but I did place! 2nd in my age group! WOOT! With a 29:38…okay?


Also squeezed 2 group runs in this week, one which involved my friend Heather bringing her rad ass moped…and letting me ride it.


Another with my sister on Saturday for a gorgeous 3 on what SHOULD have been a rest day.


This week we talk a little about warm/hot weather running and tips for acclimating and staying safe.  I know it was a long winter, so let’s talk about not blowing yourself up on a warm day run.


Product of the Week:

SaltStick’s FastChews!   Easy to take running supplement to bring your Salt, Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium back up–the big 4 lost when sweating.  Verdict-I love ’em, and I’ve used them for 2-3 months now.  Listen to the episode for more info!



Song for your running playlist: Submitted this week by Terri F. from NH!

Foo Fighters-Run


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‘TIl next week, ya’ll.  We’ll talk another local BIG 5k–did I PR there?  Subscribe and tune into see.  🙂


Fuck this. I’m going running.



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