Episode 19-Reluctantly crouched at the starting line

Episode 19-Reluctantly crouched at the starting line

Welcome to a super-sized Bad Case of the Runs this week!  Let’s dive right in, covering a lot this week.


James, Julie, Joe, and Dan all sent me their races this week, so we’ll go over those–thank you guys!  Congrats to all!


Then we talk my runs, and the review of the Wallis Sands Half Marathon in Rye!


No PR this time around, but that’s okay…and for me that’s a big fucking deal!


This week we’re also talking about being ready on race day–tip and things to remember to help getting your ass out the door easier.


Product of the week:

Be Ready on Race Day by the always awesome and supportive: Denny Krahe over at DizRuns Radio. 


Song of the Week: Brought to you John D. from Maryland!

Cake-The Distance



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Alright guys, fuck this. I’m going running.



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