Episode 20-I guess spinning ’round in circles better suits you

Episode 20-I guess spinning ’round in circles better suits you

Episode 20?? WHAT?!  Thanks for sticking with me, ya’ll!


This week we have 3 race reports from Holly H., Caitlyn A., and Jenn S.–Congrats on your races ladies!

Weirdly enough this week, one of my old friends posted this picture of Chevy chase, Steve Martin, and Martin short in the pose from Three Amigos fame, but in current times. I got so excited. I watched that movie a lot with my dad growing up, and I just fucking love how silly it is. I know all the songs, and now in my older years can appreciate the little nuances and other humor I missed as a kid. Either way, I’ve been talking about it all fucking week, and suddenly today my husband says, “Hey, I bought something off Amazon for us to watch when the kids go to bed tomorrow night.”

Pulls out—fucking the Three Amigos Blu-ray. You guys. You. Guys. Anyways, that’s my nerd out for the week. So good.


As I sat here writing up my show notes, drinking A Green Head IPA from Newburyport Brewing company, I wanted to mention my new friends:

Podcast mention:
Running, Beers and BS  with my new running friends Johnny and Flores 🙂

To the run down this week:
Sunday was the Wallis Sands Half
Monday-felt amazingly good, so met up with Ella for 4
Tuesday rested-soreness starting to settle in…Wednesday 6, Thursday rest—yoga (Mention: Yoga With Andriene )

Friday-5 hot, sweaty, okay miles outside.

Saturday rest, show notes, recording, and a lot of junk food between birthday parties and family get together it was a long ass day. My weight watchers app basically told me to go fuck myself today.

Sunday/Monday I think we’re gonna do something like 6-10 miles. And… again that’ll be the most this week because we’ll hear down for one more half before the heat totally is on. Covered Bridges Half is next Sunday in VT, and we are so not looking for a PR, but more of the experience. It’s supposed to be gorgeous.I heard it was hard to get into—sells out quickly so immediately got excited and watched the countdown so I could enter the race as soon as registration became available. Don’t fucking tempt me man. Should be good. Hopefully not too hot, but I’ll be prepared for it.

You’ll be able to track me using the RaceJoy App for this race.  If you want to see me crash and burn that is..haha…NO, I’m so not. You can download it, and once I know what my bib is, I’ll go live on Instagram and let you know how to find me.

What did we sign up for this week? Why? Because I can’t help myself…

Capital City Classic 10k by Runner’s Alley! YAY!

My Cap 10k time was 1:04:31 2016–and it was almost 100 degrees that day! But it’s a good course with a
couple choice hills, so we’re gonna see what a difference 2 years and a post baby bod me does.

Cap 10k Finish-2016



Still looking at July races… either Finish at the 50, or the HILLY AF 10k I did back in 2016 in Derry on the 4th: Run for Freedom. Results there, 1:07:51.

Slow death by hill 7/4/2016
At least my calf muscle looks like it’s killing it.

Topic of the week: Improvement for Beginner Runners!

“What are the next steps to improve as I notice endurance increasing?”

Okay, feeling like you’re plateauing is a good thing. What used to be hard isn’t as hard. That’s what you want. Fucking killer.

But you want to keep seeing improvements! I get that. It starts to get addicting man!

Here’s a couple of quick tips to step up the game–and we talk more about these in this episode and will break these down further in future episodes

1)interval training

2)track workouts




6) Cross train

7) Endurance/Increase Mileage little by little

Product o’ the week: Body Glide

Song for the running playlist: Brought to you by Chris S. From SC!  Thanks, Chris!!

Spiraling from Jimmie’s Chicken Shack–off a CD I put a hole in by listening to it so much 🙂


So 2 last things, the SECOND Shirt/Tank/Hoodie PreOrder is live until midnight EST on 6/8/18.  Order and they’ll print and ship in the week-after that.

Okay guys, do you have a race/run report for me? A product I should check out? A Song for the running playlist?  Shit! Reach out to me and I’ll send you back a sticker!



Email/Instagram/Facebook/Tweet me with a song, question, or just say ‘Hi’.  I can’t tell you enough times how much I FUCKING love hearing from you! I love sending these out to you fine, beautiful people!


Until next week!


Alright guys, fuck this. I’m going running.



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