Episode 21-Haven’t we done enough?

Episode 21-Haven’t we done enough?

Episode 21

It’s June, everyone!  So how did May go–116 miles in my book.  Which, again–FOR ME, with the extra rest days last month, I’m pretty pumped, so my unofficial, although now starting to become my office 100 miles/month streak continues!!


Gearing up—another fucking half marathon! Covered Bridges, which totes itself to be the most beautiful 13.1 miles in New England.  Net downhill, one little hill at 5 and one steep ass motherfucker at 8.  The weather looks to be great, 50s at the start which is at 8:15, so I’m hoping it’ll stay in the 60s until after I finish.

Another crazy week. Guess who’s daycare is closing. A-GAIN. Amazing teachers, and it’s just such a bummer. I pay more then my mortgage for daycare—how can that not be financial viable. Wtf. Got the older one secured, and think we have a teacher of Rhett’s coming to the house for him, if we’re so lucky.  *SIGH*
It’s just like, really? What the fuck.


Race reports

Katie B, from Milford CT completed the Rock the Ridge 50 mile relay in Mohonk Preserves, NY.  Their team, Team Fox–finished through mud and rain under 12 hours and raised over $5000 for the Michael J Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research!  They had more relayers–23 to be exact-that ran parts of the race, and 5 of those runner’s are afflicted with Parkinson’s.  Dude, talk about motivation and absolutely fucking inspiring.  Click to donate to this awesome team/cause.


Llewelyn M., Manitoba, Canada raced the YMCA Strong Kids Run (20k aka almost 12 1/2 miles in the US)  in Brandon, Manitoba (CANADA), and it was her longest run! Way to fucking go! in 2:08, no less! Ah-Mazing!


This Week’s Rundown:
Prepped for the half…kinda… and we probably overdid it


Sunday-5 miles, Monday-10 miles, Tuesday-rest/yoga (with Adriene again!), Wednesday-5k, Thursday-5, Friday-4…

Saturday, stretching and rolling before headed up to the fabulous fucking Super 8 to stay the night before having to hit the race the next morning.  My mom is actually heading up with me the night before, so she’ll be able to drop me off at the start the next morning.

And that’s where we leave off…SUNDAY   What’s going to happen at the Covered Bridges Half marathon?  Can you hardly stand it? Episode 22 will have the entire recap!


Shoutout to Brooks Running for offering to replace my Levitates.  Thanks Will @ Brooks!




DUN DUN DUUUUUN—Hill workouts…

Listen to the episode for specifics, but here’s some great video resources:



A long one, but kind of touches on everything

Shorter by the same folks @ VO2MaxProductions, focus on hill repeats

A great video by The Run Experience on form with the uphill run:

…and then downhill:


Product o’ the week: 

Honey Stinger Chews



Song for your running playlist: “I don’t wanna go” by Ballyhoo!…Submitted by Ande in Center Harbor, NH (local–woot!!) A sticker is headed her way!


T-shirt orders ending on 6/8 at midnight. I think we’re gonna do something a little saltier for summer, by I’m doing my research so stay tuned.So 2 last things, the SECOND Shirt/Tank/Hoodie PreOrder is live until midnight EST on 6/8/18.  Order and they’ll print and ship in the week-after that.


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Until next week!


Alright guys, fuck this. I’m going running.




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