Episode 25-Lay with me tonight

Episode 25-Lay with me tonight

Did you guys run this past weekend? Race? Did you hit a goal? Did you struggle with one? Tell me what happened–I love to hear what you’re all going through. Are you riding the struggle bus? It’s cool, we all do sometimes. Are you fucking owning the roads and trails? Tell me–I love this motivation and inspiration.
Email me, you glorious people: krissy@badcaseoftheruns.com

Okay guys, let’s get back to talking about another one of those running topics–This week:

Cross training, something we talked about when I mentioned what workouts would be helpful to implement for beginners or people looking to improve their running. So, okay what exactly is cross training?

We cover that in this week’s episode. Listen above.

A couple of short good youtube videos will be linked on BadCaseoftheRuns.com



So this all said, guys, I think we need to come up with some sort of challenge to get this in. Because, although I know it is good for me–I am absolutely terrible at it. I need to write in up on a calendar, or have people remind me to do it. I know it’s good for me, so I don’t know why I can’t do it more often. WE’ve talked about routine so much, I think it’s time to really get this in along with the stretching and strength too. And the thing is, cross training can incorporate strength, so why not? Now that it’s July, maybe that’s a goal to set for myself since at the end of the this month = the start of my marathon training. #facepalm

Product of the week

Pro Tech Athletics The Orb Deep Tissue Massager
Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball, 5-Inch Diameter, Blue

Song for Your Running Playlist

This is one of mine, guys 🙂



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That is everything for this week ya’ll!



Fuck this. I’m going running.



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