Episode 27

Episode 27

Episode 27
Hi guys! It’s Krissy– Welcome to a snack-sized episode of Bad Case of the Runs this week. What the hell is up?!

So one, you’re probably like–dude why a shorter episode this week. Let me explain my dears:
I’m doing a little collaboration with my new friends over at the Running, Beer, and BS podcast. We’re sitting down for a spell, cracking open some beers and going to shoot the shit about running. It should be an awesome time. You can find their podcast basically everywhere you find Bad Case of the Runs–just search Running Beer and BS with your favorite podcast provider/host. It should be a lot of fun, and without giving away what we’re going into–helpful info, I think.


Running, Beer, and BS on iTunes

Running, Beer and BS on Stitcher

Running, Beer, and BS on GooglePlay


Okay guys, enough about me–lets talk about you and some fucking race reports–And I’m getting a little backlogged with these guys, I’m sorry. I’m working through them to get everyone’s up. Keep sending them!


This week we have Race Reports from Sheri S, Christine L, Danielle B, and April H!

Congrats to all that raced this week

Quick Run down this week—dudes, I think we’re turning a corner–Listen in to hear more.


Song for the Running Playlist this week:
My lovely new friend and listener, Amy, submitted Beautiful Drug by Zac Brown Band, and again, not a song that I would usually pick out myself, but the rock/country/pop/rave vibes! Check it out.

Amy got her lovely Bad Case of the Runs sticker–you want yours? Reach out to me with a race report, song for the running playlist or question.

Before I leave you guys–again–head on over to Running, Beer, and BS podcast were you can here me guesting with Flores and Johnny. Two awesome guys, fantastic beards, and hilarious. I think you’ll enjoy the craziness.

That’s all this week guys. I’m taking a vacation. See you next week!

Fuck this, I’m going running



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