Episode 28-You Can’t Say That I’m Wrong

Episode 28-You Can’t Say That I’m Wrong

Episode 28

Hi ya’ll. It’s been a while. Welcome back to Bad Case of the Runs, helllllloooo. I’m Krissy. It’s lovely to see you.

We quickly cover my time on the Running, Beer, and BS podcast, vacation, and then…Race Reports by Sarah, Joanne, Tamika, and Meaghan!

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Run Down–Vacation…A very brief rundown

Topic of the Week:
Someone sent me in a question, didn’t email their name, so sorry about that–but I thought it was interesting and wanted to follow it up here as a topic.
Question was–why don’t a put my pace on my running posts anymore?
We’ll Cover that this week!

Product of the Week:
MPow bluetooth Athletic Headphones

Song for Your Running playlist:

Whiskey Fever Dorothy, submitted by Tammy T in San Lorenzo, CA

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Fuck This. I’m Going Running.



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