Episode 31- A little bit better than I used to be

Episode 31- A little bit better than I used to be

Episode 31

Hello, dears.

Sorry about the voice this week!  Saw my favorite band, Incubus, and my voice is shot from screaming and singing!

This week we’re going a great race report from a traveling runner, Paul S. from Rhode Island, who you may know from The Rhode Runner Podcast!

We have a fabulous fucking rundown for myself this week, that peaks at an 18 mile run!



We talk a little about compression socks, and what the big deal, if any there is.

Product of the Week:

Crazy Compressions



Local Races we’re discussing:

Miles for Amanda, Art on the Run 5k

5k for FFA Cross Country Race in Derry


Song for your running playlist:

Submitted by Paul from RI–Livewire by Motley Crue!




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Fuck This. I’m Going Running.





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