Episode 48–Would you choose water over wine?

Episode 48–Would you choose water over wine?

Krissy talks 2018 highlights (and low-lights? Is that a thing?).

Emails from Jake, Greg, Lindsey, and Heather!

Bitching about broken treadmills and Amazon being a bastard.

Song For Your Running Playlist

Drive, Incubus

I love you guys, thank you for an amazing fucking year!!

Email/Instagram/Facebook/Tweet me with a song, question, or just say ‘Hi’.  I can’t tell you enough times how much I FUCKING love hearing from you! I love sending these out to you fine, beautiful people–and I want to hear what you you’re up to in the next few weeks. Goals for 2019?? Email me!!

Alright guys, fuck this. I’m going running.



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