Episode 52-Gettin buzzy being cool

Episode 52-Gettin buzzy being cool

We talk frozen pilgrims and arena attacks.  A solid but ridiculous run down this week.

Plans for the week ahead-Superbowl Chili 5k

Tickets to California secure–Big Sur is a go!

Answering questions for a new runner–What’s the best way to ease into running?

Song for your running playlist:

Loner Boogie–Boy Azooga, submitted by Corinne in MD. Fitting for this week and my shenanigans.

Tanks/T-shirts/Hoodie orders can be found here!

Remember guys, email, Instagram, facebook, or tweet me–I love to hear from you, and I love to send stickers to people that do 😉

Fuck this. Let’s go running.



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