Episode 58-I think there’s a flaw in my code

Episode 58-I think there’s a flaw in my code

We talk a new element to the show: BEER!

This week we feature KettleHead Brewery’s Bomb Pop…OM NOM

Race Report by Wendi in Portland OR who did her second half!

A solid rundown with a review of Millennium Running’s Shamrock Half.

Review of Huma’s Apple & Cinnamon Gel

Support Greg’s Run2Cure Leukemia!!

Song for your running playlist:


Email/Instagram/Facebook/Tweet me with a song, question, or just say ‘Hi’.  I can’t tell you enough times how much I FUCKING love hearing from you!

Fuck this, let’s go running.



One thought on “Episode 58-I think there’s a flaw in my code

  1. Hey Krissy
    It was so
    Nice seeing you at the Shamrock Half Saturday I’m glad you enjoyed it ! I ran with a couple of runner friends this year ( one was recovering from a broken foot ) and we were in with the back of the packers maybe 3 to 4 people behind us which is ok I had a blast !! ( my slowest half yet 3:30:01 ) But to
    Support these ladies it was so worth it 🙂 And Yes millenniums support was there right to the end they are the best ! So here’s something you might want to try for fueling your races with but I don’t know if you like nut butters but this product is called Fbomb nut butters they are in packets theat you can find at cvs or at Amazon ( I’ll be honest there not cheep at $2.99 ) I don’t like Gu’s because if taste and consistency yuck !!I use FBombs and the Maple syrup packs that they were passing out Saturday ( yummy but sticky lol ) Ok sorry about the length of this message but have a great day ! And congratulations on the new job 😊 Terri

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