Episode 59-My soul, so cynical

Episode 59-My soul, so cynical

We talk the Cheap Marathon and the Great Bay Half.

Chiropractor appointment for my hip issue, ART, and the results!

Getting fitted again for new shoes at Runner’s Alley, Trying Hokas, Altras, and New Balance–what did Krissy pick?

We tap into Pipe Dream Brewing’s Coffee Coconut Porter this week!

A race report by Corrine for the Durham Women’s Half in Durham, NC!

A song by Billie Eilish for your running playlist this week–submitted by Kate 🙂

Song for your running playlist:

Email/Instagram/Facebook/Tweet me with a song, question, or just say ‘Hi’.  I can’t tell you enough times how much I FUCKING love hearing from you!

Fuck this, let’s go running.



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