About Krissy

Hi guys.  I’m Krissy, and I have a bad case of the runs.  I certainly hope you haven’t meandered to BadCaseoftheRuns.com for some serious hardcore ‘shit your shorts in strides’ running advice.  Here’s the deal:  I fucking love running(even when I say I don’t), I love to see myself improve, I love to pay too much for races, but I can’t take myself too seriously with it.   You may remember me when I hosted my blog : goforkyourselves.com and as successful as that was, between having kiddos and the fact that it moved away from the nutritional aspect, I decided to try something new with this podcast.

I’ll start off by telling you, before running, I have ZERO athletic background.  I would find ways to skip gym class in school, or sit on the sidelines to avoid it.  I mean, I didn’t mind it in elementary school-but I was terrible at most of the sports we did, including running.  Needless to say by the time middle school happened and my chest and hips exploded out, and by high school I was able to convince the coaches to let me write a paper on this history of certain sports instead of participate in gym class.  I actually got an ‘A’ in gym my last semester and I didn’t do a damn thing on the courts.

Without a lot of sob story here, I went through a lot in middle and high school. Losing my dad, moving schools a TON, having to take on roles many teenagers can’t fathom. Flash forward to college, and with a lot of reckless abandon, I ate myself to a solid 250 pounds.  It took me a while, but I finally came to terms with all my issues and how I’d arrived there, and over a Hawaiian pizza, said “Krissy, this is it.”

Flash forward again, to 2011 when I bought a house in Texas.  I wanted to be active, but I hated the gym (pattern, much?), and this place had sidewalks. So, I put on whatever sneakers I had after work and told my husband I was going to run. Just like that.

I made it maaaaaaybe a minute before I had to stop and walk, but for some reason I kept telling myself to keep going.  It was a struggle, but I made it the 2 miles around. Huffing, puffing, swearing, and sweating my ass off.  I remember taking a shower and going over it in my head. I felt good, I wasn’t huffing and puffing.  Go figure, I didn’t die from a run.  It was hard, but my body recovered.

That led to an every other day running streak, and I remember 3 weeks in I went at least a mile everyday..and that was fucking it for me.  What do the kids say these days, SHIPPED!

We’ll cover some of this in upcoming episodes, but there’s a brief synopsis of my running life, which is pretty mediocre at best 😉

Beyond running, I am thirty-something wife, a mom of two crazy kids, and living in super hilly central NH.  Generally, I have a hard time censoring my dumpster fire of a mouth.  Please say hello if I’m out and about!